About MentorshipBC

Connecting small business owners to mentorship programs across British Columbia

mentorship programsDid you know you can find a mentor in British Columbia through a professional organization? 

MentorshipBC is an online directory of all the professional mentorship programs in BC. ​Our goal is to educate small business owners that mentors are easily accessible and can dramatically boost success rates of small businesses. 

If you've been looking for a mentor simply use the search tool on the MentorshipBC homepage to find a mentorship program that works for you.

How did MentorshipBC Start?

MentorshipBC was created in response to demand from BC small business owners. It arose from the Provincial Government’s consultation with 35,000 small businesses. 

Raising awareness of mentorship resources was one of six key action items committed to in the BC Small Business Accord, announced in March 2013. MentorshipBC meets the need of small businesses to help them find mentorship programs in BC.

Best Practices

Mentorship programs you find through MentorshipBC have been screened to ensure they meet the following standards:
  • Formal structured relationships (e.g. not an informal meet-up group)
  • One-on-one mentor matching or peer mentoring
  • Mentoring for a defined period of time
  • Confidentiality and conflict of interest policies requiring acknowledgement from mentors and mentee
Programs featured on MentorshipBC also maintain most, if not all, of the following best practices:
  • A policy preventing mentors from being investors in their mentee’s business
  • A policy to ensure that mentors are not industry competitors to the mentee’s company
  • A screening process with qualifying criteria of mentors and mentees
  • A process to measure mentee satisfaction
  • Program-related training for mentors

Guided by the Voice of Small Business  

Until 2014, MentorshipBC was guided by the MentorshipBC Advisory Group to ensure its success. MentorshipBC thanks the Advisory Group of small business owners and organizations for their commitment to helping small business owners learn about mentorship. The Advisory Group was made up of:


mentorship programs

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.

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