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Jan-05, 2016, 03:20 PM
Mentorship Profile: Sarah Peacock, Co-Founder Another Space

Another Space Vancouver Sarah Peacock.jpg

Walk into Another Space and it’s not uncommon to see thirty-somethings doing yoga while a white, fluffy dog peers at the crowd from his own yoga ma​t. Change days and you’ll see a crowd of fresh faced music enthusiasts singing along to their favourite tunes.

That’s because Another Space is a creative arts therapy studio in East Vancouver. It’s a beautiful and intimate space that’s decorated with handmade pieces of art and shelves bursting with knitting and art supplies.

Another Space holds classes and offers a rental space to the public to foster all types of creativity in Vancouver, a quality Co-founder Sarah Peacock believes everyone has within them. Peacock says, “I meet people every day who tell me they’re not creative. I believe that we all engage in creative acts every day and may not even recognize them as such.”

The Creative Spark that Started Another Space

Peacock is an art therapist who enjoyed facilitating art therapy workshops focused primarily on addictions and mental health. She started her entrepreneurial journey by co-founding a community arts non-profit called Magpie’s Nest Community Art Society to connect people with their creativity.

Her next dream was to create a space for community arts in East Vancouver, so she joined Groundswell, a training network and program for people starting social ventures. This helped her turn Another Space from an idea into reality.

Mentorship with Groundswell

Groundswell offers mentorship to increase its graduates’ chances of staying in business. Peacock was lucky to gain the help of three mentors from the program.

“My mentors asked very good questions and weren’t afraid to challenge me on things,” Peacock describes. “They advised us about our partnership agreement, made suggestions about how to run meetings with a small team and helped us put systems in place.”

Like many entrepreneurs starting new business ventures, having the support of an experienced team of mentors greatly boosted Peacock’s motivation. “We feel more supported and led along now,” she states.

Trying to lead a venture without outside input can also lead to tunnel vision. However, Peacock found that with the help of her mentors she was able to benefit from a variety of opinions on any topic. She says, “It’s nice to have three or four people for a new perspective.”

The Power of Mentorship

Similar to how Another Space allows people to step outside of their expectations and explore the mystery and beauty of their own self-expression, mentorship can show you things about yourself that you never knew before. Peacock believes: “If you’re able to find someone who can challenge you and keep you accountable, it is invaluable.”​