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In true entrepreneurial style, Ruth Barrow found a need that was missing and filled it. Barrow had an immense passion in graphic design. (She had completed a degree in visual communications in her hometown of England). However after she moved to the small, snow-capped town of Whistler, BC, she found a common problem many of us have encountered – there were limited career opportunities.

After networking and volunteering in her local community, she found there was a large need for graphic and web design in the Whistler community. However rather than filling this need by applying for a job that wasn’t there, she would have to make a job for herself.

So she founded Whistler Creative – a full service communications agency that provides branding, graphic design, and website design and development for businesses.

Whistler Creative’s Journey To Success

In 2010, prior to launching her business, Barrow attended a local networking event and happened to hear about the benefits of mentorship. Like most entrepreneurs, she wasn’t aware about professional mentorship programs for small business owners or the benefits of having a mentor.

However as soon as she heard what Cathy Goddard from Lighthouse Mentor Network had to offer, Barrow was on board. She says: “I’d just started my business and being new to the business world and Canada even, I thought a mentor group would be a great way to learn new things and develop my business.”

And barrow is glad she did. She says: “Lighthouse’s mentor program has been running for five seasons now, and I have joined every year.”

The Tremendous Benefits of Mentorship

So what kept her coming back every year? “In the first couple of years the mentorship program really helped me to launch my business and get my name out in the community, which increased my number of clients and income.”

As Barrow’s business evolved so did her mentorship. In the next two years mentorship helped her input systems such as outsourcing and implementing computer programs that made her business more efficient.

Many entrepreneurs wonder how working with others can benefit them. Barrow definitely thinks having a community of entrepreneurs to back you up makes a difference: “Mentorship has provided a level of support, knowledge and accountability that you don’t get working alone. I would definitely recommend it to other business owners that work from home or by themselves.”

So what’s next for Barrow? She says: “I am looking forward to continuing to work with a mentor to develop and grow my business further.”

How does mentorship with Lighthouse Mentor Network work?

Lighthouse Mentor Network offers peer group mentorship in Whistler, BC. Six to eight women from non-competing businesses regularly get together for support, networking and connections, advice, accountability, and resources. For more information visit the Lighthouse Mentor Network program details.


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